The perfect starting point

Located in the heart of Passau’s old town, close to the cathedral, on the banks of the Danube, the Hotel Residenz is the ideal starting point for exploring Passau’s beauties and secrets. From the shady terrace in front of the house you can see the cargo ships passing by on their way to the Black Sea or the North Sea, or you can already take a look at the cruise ship ready to depart. Behind the house is the Höllgasse, Passau’s most famous old town alley with its various artists’ studios and galleries, small fashion and jewelry stores and the famous glass museum.

The top sights in Passau.

Experience the Three Rivers City

  • Three-river corner

    There is such a thing only once in the world. The Three Rivers Corner is the place where three rivers come from three cardinal points, unite and flow on together into the Fourth: from the north the Ilz, from the west the Danube and from the south the Inn. As the Danube River, they continue to flow towards the east. This creates a magnificent display of colors.

  • Veste Oberhaus

    Veste Oberhaus is one of the largest castle complexes in Europe. Visit the museum and learn more about the history. Round off the visit with a meal in the restaurant and enjoy the most beautiful panoramic view of the picturesque old town and the confluence of the three rivers.

  • Dom St.Stephan

    The famous St.Stephan’s Cathedral (with the largest cathedral organ in the world) is located right near the Hotel Residenz. Visit the cathedral and enjoy the peace and quiet and marvel at the magnificent interior. We recommend you to visit the organ concert. You can get tickets for it at the reception.

  • Dachshund Museum

    It is unique in the world and is with great attention to detail not only something for dog lovers. It is located directly at the small residence and can therefore be reached from our hotel in just a few minutes.